Popular believes about smartphones which are not true

There are millions of users of smartphones around the world and this popular gadget has already been around for some time. There is nothing strange in the fact there are many myths surrounding this popular device and it is high time to understand what is really true and what is no. Actually, the knowledge of some aspects about smartphones is very useful and will make your life easier.

Smartphones can trigger catastrophes if they are not set to the flight mode during a flight

Undeniably, everyone knows there is a special flight mode in every smartphone. This mode had already been available in the predecessors of this popular gadget, in mobile phones.

It was highly recommended to turn on this mode while staying on board a plane. Otherwise, such a gadget was capable of causing various troubles in the system of communication navigation and communication of a plane. As a result, there was a high risk of causing a plane crash. As you can imagine, the issue was pretty serious.

Today, the situation has changed dramatically. The systems of planes have become a way more advanced and they can analyse received signals a way better. In addition to it,  smartphones themselves are pretty successful in not creating any signals which might cause mistakes in the functioning of the system of communication and navigation of a plane.

This is not just an assumption. The agencies of the aviation security of different countries have already made changes in their regulations which allow people to use their gadgets more freely. For instance, EASA which is the agency of the aviation safety of Europe allows passengers to use any gadgets such smartphones, tablet computers, ebooks, MP3-players and laptops without any restrictions, whereas the agency of the USA allows its passengers even to use Wi-Fi. The only restriction which is still active is the prohibition of using mobile networks. This can potentially cause disturbance in the work of the systems of a plane, albeit the modern systems are less susceptible to it. Still, it is better to avoid doing it.

As you can see, this believe has some ground, however, things have changed a lot since the release of the first mobile phones on the market.

It is impossible to track a smartphone if it does not have a sim card and is switched off

It seems sensible that turning off a mobile phone and getting its sim card out will make it impossible to track the device. This is what many people do trying to hide the gadget. Still, in practice it does not make it absolutely impossible to find such a device.

These actions indeed will make it more complicated to track a smartphone, however, the ways for looking for it even if it is not turned on and there is no sim card have already existed for decades. The task might be more challenging but it is achievable if there is such a need.

Still, it is possible to detach a smartphone from any possible tracking systems. In order to do it, you should take a battery out of the device and then put your phone into Faraday cage. For your information this is a special cage which can block electromagnetic waves.

It is important to charge a smartphone only when it has a completely empty battery

You are certainly aware of the common practice of using an entire charge of a smartphone before recharging it. This practice used to be very much sensible during the era of nickel-based batteries which had memory for the amount of charge. In their case, such an action was able to prolong the lifespan of a phone.

Modern devices have absolutely other batteries. First of all, for these batteries cannot be affected by frequent recharging. It will not make the capacity for the storage of energy in such devices shrink. Secondly, for such smartphones, making their batteries completely empty can be even dangerous. There is a critical level of energy which should remain in the phone, otherwise , there is a risk of not being able to make it charge when it is plugged into the electricity socket again. If something like this happens, you will have to take your device to the service centre where specialists will use alternative sources of energy in order to defreeze the battery and make it charge once again. Even though it is possible help the battery, this practice can indeed damage the battery.

The probability of causing such a situation is particularly high if you leave your device without any charge for a longer time.

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