Dangerous things you can do with your smartphones

Needless to say, many modern people simply cannot imagine themselves without their smartphones. For many individuals, this popular gadget has already become an extension of their bodies especially their brain. Certainly, we are very attached to them.

On the one hand it makes us be very careful about the health of our gadgets. On the other hand, it makes it impossible for many people to get detached from their phones which sometimes can be rather dangerous. Although many things discussed in this article seem pretty obvious, you certainly know dozens of people who are still doing them.

Get absolutely glued to the screen of your phone on the go

Undeniably, you have seen many people doing various things with their smartphones not only when they are driving a car but also when they are rushing along the streets. Sometime sit is absolutely necessary, however, many individuals are doing it even though they can easily avoid such a behaviour. Actually, this is highly recommended not to do anything such since this can lead to various unfortunate events.

It might seem funny, however, you can easily imagine what can happen if you will are not careful enough going somewhere. It is obvious one can easily get an injury because of a collision with something he or she has not noticed while working with their smartphone. In fact, this problem is pretty serious and the government of some of the cities of the USA has already prohibited texting while walking officially.

Touching your face with a smartphone

While many people are aware of the large amount of bacteria and viruses residing on the surface of money, the majority are still ignorant to the cleanness of their smartphone. Probably, these items are not thus dirty as money since you do not usually pass them to other people, however, most individuals do not take money to all of the places one wants his or her smartphone to be present. Certainly, these locations include not only various public places where infectious diseases can be spread easily including gyms and hospitals but also toilet rooms.

At the same time you can imagine hardly anyone clean their smartphones on a regular basis. There is nothing strange that even the doors of public bathrooms are cleaner than your smartphone. The experiments have shown that an average amount of bacteria residing on a smartphone is around 25 000 organisms per square cell.

Of course, this means you should avoid touching your face with your smartphone and definitely not press your lips on it for any reason.

Taking your smartphone to the toilet room

For the reason mentioned above, you certainly should not take your mobile phone with you to the bathroom. Even if you believe touching it with clean hands only will save it from being covered with millions of bacteria, you are wrong.

In fact the air of such locations itself is heavily filled with various pathogenic microorganisms and one of the proves of it is the experiments measuring the number of bacteria residing inside hand dryers. Unfortunately, simply leaving your mobile phone in the bathroom is enough for it to be occupied with all of the organisms you do not want to be anywhere near you.

Taking dangerous selfies

Selfies taking in rather unexpected places and especially in obviously dangerous locations look breath-taking and impressive. Still, it is not worth it. Only between 2011 and 2017 almost three hundred people dies exactly because of a poor choice of the place or time for their selfies. You can imagine, the up-to-date statistics includes a way more tragic cases since now people have a way more opportunities for taking selfies.

There are various poor locations for selfies which are particularly loved by such photographs. One of the most common deaths during taking a selfie is not exactly particularly impressive as it happens when a person is trying to capture an image of a huge wave which eventually makes this individual get drowned.

Other popular ways of dying during taking a selfie is undeniably the exploration of high constructions, a company of wild animals, a walk on the road, a trip by a car as well as staying out during a thunderstorm.

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  1. These small devices are generally quite dangerous. all it takes is for them to fall and break, or be stolen

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