The JavaScript frameworks every developer should know

With the emerging horizon of the world of web we started relying heavily on websites. Needless to say how almost every trivial to large scale business operation is found on the technology of the Internet and connects with the world through any web or native applications.

Therefore, the demand of web development has been on ever increasing rise. Websites consist of front-end and back-end elements when it comes down to the development. JavaScript is one of the core performing language of web development. Web development breaths life through JavaScript which solves lots of tasks with its frameworks. These are the topic of the article today.

What is a framework?

JavaScript is a multi-paradigm programming language that is used heavily for frontend web application and now on backend as well leaving it as one of the top demanding language of late 2000 until now along with Python. Python is not used for front-end development and has its own role in various other sectors though.

Before diving into JavaScript frameworks let’s have a look at what framework is in general. A framework is an abstraction of layers of a code written in a declarative code behind the scene, which is to say step-by-step coding for software development. This gives the developers opportunities to just dive in and write functional codes rather than worrying about nitty gritty of declarative code.

In turn, one can write and develop websites or application with frameworks much faster than doing it without frameworks.

Crucial frameworks of JavaScript

JavaScript frameworks do the same job with taking away the declarative approach and making it easier and faster for the developers to build amazing event-driven, optimised, high-efficiency maintained web applications or SPA (Single Page Applications). There are bunch of awe-inspiring JavaScript frameworks. Some of them you might come across or work with such as Angular, Vue (check Vue developers), React, Ember, Meteor, Mithril, Polymer, Aurelia and others.

Among these the most popular ones are certainly Angular, React, Vue. These three JavaScript frameworks are dominating the modern industry of web development more than others.

This does not mean others are less valuable. Which one to use and pick for your need relies solely on the planning and requirements of your projects. Each of these frameworks have their own speciality of features that is used to develop robust web applications.